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Export and import

Imports and exports between GB and the EU have changed

If you are a haulier heading to Portsmouth International Port, you must ensure that you are ‘border ready’ to avoid delays following the UK’s departure from the EU.

There are now new rules and regulations in place for imports and exports between Great Britain and the EU. Find out more.

UK exports

Please do not arrive at Portsmouth International Port more than 12 hours before your scheduled departure time or you will be turned away and asked to come back.

You must check in at least two hours before sailing.

Before leaving your depot ensure the Port Authority and ferry company have been notified of any dangerous substances or hazardous cargoes.

The ferry company must also be told if your vehicle weighs more than 50 tonnes.

On arrival at Portsmouth International Port, your vehicle will be weighed in line with Maritime Regulations and you will receive a weighbridge card with your vehicle details printed on it.

Park as directed in the appropriate export lane and take the weighbridge card, together with all documentation regarding the load being carried, to the ferry company freight check-in office where you will be given a boarding card.

Join the embarkation lanes as directed by marshalling staff. Hand in your boarding card and any freight control card as you board the ferry.

UK imports

Before leaving the continent, collect your tickets from the freight office. You will need the back page of your ferry ticket as a gate release pass at Portsmouth. Ensure the ferry company has been notified of any dangerous substances or hazardous cargoes.

On arrival at Portsmouth follow the exit signs to Passport Control. If selected for UK Border Agency / VOSA examination, please follow the officer’s instructions.

Note: For your convenience left hand drive vehicles should use the right freight gates and right hand drive vehicles should use the left freight gates.

There are no restrictions on weekend travel for trucks in the UK.