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Unaccompanied, hazardous and abnormal loads

Unaccompanied freight

If you are collecting from within the UK, you will be given a weighbridge card when you enter the port. If you are an import vehicle and are dropping off a trailer and picking up a different one for onward travel in the UK, you will need your boat ticket along with a Gate Release Pass to exit the port.

It should be understood that the release of unaccompanied freight vehicles is governed by the General Conditions pertaining to the port’s Dues, Rates and Charges. We refer you specifically to General Condition No.3, which states:

“All goods including vehicles on or passing over the Council’s property or deposited in a quay shed are at the owner’s sole risk in every respect. Such goods are not in the custody of the Council and the Council accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever or however caused.”

Any freight haulier using the Port for the import of unaccompanied freight can apply to join Portsmouth International Port’s Gate Release Pass System. This will enable individual companies to have more flexibility when issuing passes and dealing with any problems that may arise as the freight out gate is manned 24 hours a day. Please email for further details.

To collect an unaccompanied freight item you will have to produce a Gate Release Pass before exiting the port. These are supplied by individual companies and the Port’s shipping companies. For convenience passes can be faxed to the out gate for you to collect on arrival at the port.

You must produce photographic ID along with the correct PIN number. When you come to exit the port, you hand in the weighbridge card and the Gate Release Pass. After the FSA has checked all details match, you may leave the port.

Hazardous goods

The Dangerous goods in Harbour Areas Regulations 2016 require you to notify us if you intend to carry hazardous goods through Portsmouth International Port.

It is the port’s requirement that all hazardous notifications should be forwarded to the duty Traffic Supervisor via email at or fax 023 9283 3839 a minimum of 24 hours before arrival at the Port.

Our Export Hazardous Goods Notification Form details the information we require. You can download it here.

All hazardous goods must also be declared to your ferry operator. Vehicles carrying hazardous goods must be correctly labelled and drivers must have appropriate documentation.

‘Out of gauge’ abnormal loads

As part of the port’s traffic management plan to control the arrival of ‘out of gauge’ abnormal loads arriving for export, pre-notification is required.

‘Out of Gauge’ abnormal loads are defined as:

  • Heavy loads:
    • Where the gross weight of the tractor/trailer & loaded goods exceed 50000kg (gross) and/or any single axle weight exceeds 20000kg, (12000kg when bound for the Channel Islands).
  • Dimensions of tractor/trailer and/or load exceed:
    • Height = 4.8m
    • Width = 3m
    • Length = 18.75m

Notifications should be forwarded to the duty traffic supervisor via email at 12-24 hours before arrival at the port. Please use this form to assist you in notifying the port with the information we require. Should you arrive in excess of 12hrs prior to shipment, charges may apply.