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Conditions of entry

To maintain health, safety, security, and order at the port, it is a condition of entry onto the port that these rules are complied with. By your entry onto the port you are agreeing to abide by these rules. If any person becomes aware of any breach of these rules, they should in the interests of health, safety, and security report the breach to Portsmouth International Port.

Where the port becomes aware of any person failing to comply with these rules, the port has the right to refuse access to the port and/or to remove such person/vehicle/vessel/property from the port. Any continued or serious breach of the rules may result in future access being denied whether a formal ban has been served or not.

Breaches should be reported immediately to 023 9285 5900.

  1. You are now entering upon private premises known as Portsmouth International Port, belonging to Portsmouth City Council. While on the port estate, all persons are there entirely at their own risk and shall comply with the directions of the Port Director or anyone acting on their behalf.
  2. Verbal or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated at any time.
  3. Under the provisions of The Ship and Port Facility (Security) Regulations 2004, you may be required, in the interests of public safety, to submit yourself, your luggage and your vehicle to searching. You may also be required to answer questions relating to any baggage, vehicle, cargo, or stores intended for carriage by sea, or relating to your presence on the port, or in respect of the issue of or holding of a security pass. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in you being refused access or being removed from the port. The Council will not accept any liability whatsoever arising out of any such refusal or removal or any action taken by it arising out of such searching or questioning.
  4. A security Restricted Area, the access points to which are clearly marked, is in operation on these premises and entry is restricted to bona fide passengers and security pass holders. Unauthorised entry into the Restricted Area or remaining in any part of the Restricted Area after being requested to leave by the Port Director or anyone acting on their behalf, will render you liable to prosecution under The Ship and Port Facility (Security) Regulations 2004.
  5. All goods, including vehicles, on or passing over these premises or deposited anywhere on the premises are entirely at the owner’s risk. Such goods, including vehicles, are not in the custody of Portsmouth City Council. The Council accepts no responsibility for any loss, expense or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused.
  6. Any unattended bags articles on may be removed and/or destroyed by Port security without any liability on the part of the port.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse access to or remove any person from the port where that person is suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or considered to be a risk to the safety of themselves or others. The port reserves the right to test anyone working on the site under our drug and alcohol procedure.
  8. All persons will be required to provide proof of identity to port staff upon request. The port reserves the right to refuse access or remove any person who is unable to provide a legitimate reason to be in the port.
  9. Illegal activity will not be tolerated at any time and will be reported to relevant authorities, some of whom operate independently on the premises.
  10. Pedestrians must remain within the confines of marked pedestrian walkways whenever possible.
  11. No unauthorised swimming, diving, fishing, or water sports.
  12. Minimum Personal Protective Equipment standards for anyone working within the Restricted Area is high visibility clothing and safety footwear. Additional PPE is likely to be required within the Restricted Area for many tasks.
  13. No dangerous substances or articles, explosives or weapons may be brought onto the Port other than as expressly permitted by Portsmouth International Port.
  14. Persons driving vehicles on any port roads must do so with care and comply with all port road signage and speed limits. Seatbelts must be worn, and handheld mobile phones or devices must not be used while driving. All vehicles are required to be road worthy, in safe condition and properly maintained. Loads carried on or in vehicles must be adequately and safely secured.
  15. Persons must always conduct their activities at the port in such a manner as to minimise any nuisance or disturbance to the port, any other person at the port, any other vessel or vehicle using the port and the owners and occupiers of other property within or adjacent to the port.
  16. Cyclists are only permitted to use marshalled routes from the Terminal to the berths and must dismount to travel across linkspans. This includes all cyclists travelling on ferries and cruise ships as passengers, crew and/or other workers within the port.
  17. Push scooters, motorised scooters and similar vehicles cannot be used on site at any time and must be left outside of the Restricted Area (unless carried as cargo/luggage within freight/passenger vehicles). All persons at the port must follow any reasonable instructions given by port personnel or security.
  18. CCTV is in operation throughout the port and is justified in use for preventing crime, counter terrorism, the protection of assets and resources and public safety. CCTV recordings may be used as evidence in civil, criminal or similar proceedings.
  19. No photography or filming is permitted at the port without the prior approval of Portsmouth International Port.
  20. Unauthorised use of drones over the port is prohibited.
  21. No person shall cause any damage to any property or any part of the port or cause any contamination, pollution, or harm to the environment.
  22. All persons at the port must immediately report any breach of these rules, or any behaviour which they consider may be a breach of these rules, or any behaviour or unsafe practices which may present a danger or give rise to a risk to health, safety, security, order, property or the environment at the port.
  23. All children must be supervised.
  24. Whilst within the restricted area all pets are to be kept in their vehicles. The walking of pets within the restricted area is strictly forbidden. Assistance dogs, and pets secured in RSPCA approved (or equivalent) crates, are the only animals permitted within the Terminal Building.
  25. All use of the port shall be subject to Portsmouth International Port’s General Terms and Conditions.
  26. These rules are without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which Portsmouth International Port may have.

Issued: 22 May 2023