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Future plans

Our Masterplan, launched in February 2022, focuses on the next 20 years and how the port can adapt to successfully support the future of UK trade and travel.

Through detailed market analysis from independent experts and extensive stakeholder engagement, we have an informed insight into what potential cargo and business forecast could be in store for the maritime sector.

As we head towards 2042 we will follow these critical themes along the way:

  • Environment and sustainability
  • Society and economy
  • Resilience and security
  • Innovate and technology

Our maritime credentials have been there from the very beginning. It’s in our name, Portsmouth.

We’ve been the start for legendary journeys. The Romans’ sheltered harbour, Henry VIII’s seafront bolthole, trade ships bringing exotic spices to the UK, Nelson’s departure for the Battle of Trafalgar, the launch of D-Day troops and the creation of a commercial port.

We’ve been on a journey to get here, but we’re entering a new phase for Portsmouth International Port.

We’re a city owned port first and foremost, like being a family owned company.

Growing the business means working with those who share our values for an efficient, expert, premium, boutique service and experience.

We’re determined to go big on our green credentials. It means a lot to us and we have an aim to become the first zero emission port. We won’t be plastering platitudes, it’s about real outcomes. We have the most environmentally advanced terminal in the UK and have bold plans to introduce green initiatives across the site.

Times have changed but still shipping remains the most important method for trade and a growing industry for travel. Our Masterplan will focus on creating space so the maritime industry can continue to thrive.

To do this we need to look beyond the city, bringing local and national economic benefits I’m thrilled to see one of, if not the oldest, ports in the UK unveil its masterplan. This details the steps it will take over the coming years to develop and become a leading 21st century port.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Leader of Portsmouth City Council, and Mike Sellers, director of Portsmouth International Port

Portsmouth has a rich, famous maritime history and this masterplan continues that evolution. Ensuring that Portsmouth adapts to growth in trade and adopts cleaner ways of working is not only good for Portsmouth, its residents and businesses – but for the whole nation.

New and exciting opportunities are opening up as the Solent Freeport stands poised to be the leading trading hub in the south of England. This plan will cement that success.

Robert Courts, Minister for Maritime