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Portsmouth International Port is a major UK port, responsible for handling millions of customers and vital cargo across the globe.

Owned and operated by Portsmouth City Council, the port has grown extensively over the decades. Starting with just one route to France from a small section of reclaimed harbour front in 1976, it is now known as Britain’s best connected port with more destinations than any other. The port’s location on the M275, with fast road connections to London, make for a hassle free start to a holiday.

There are dedicated facilities for cruise customers, with passengers keen to explore the world-class attractions on the doorstep. With plans to create a terminal extension to accommodate the anticipated increase in cruise passengers due to be completed by spring 2023, an independent assessment from Oxford Economics on the value of cruise growth to the city over a 40 year period from 2021 has been estimated securing £205m for UK GDP per annum.

The port is also has two deep water conventional quays, operated by Portico. They’ve dealt with many types of project cargo, dry bulk and break bulk loads which means we are confident we can rise to any challenge. They also specialise in fresh produce, handling pineapples, sweet potatoes, citrus to tomatoes, and most famously, bananas

The economic impact of Portsmouth International Port was revealed to be worth:

  • £390m to the national economy, for every £1m generated a further £1.9m was sustained elsewhere
  • £189m to the local economy, for every £1m generated by the port locally a further £0.4m is stimulated through induced and indirect impacts
  • 5590 overall jobs
  • 2410 in the local area through direct employment and supply chain