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PMSC organisation

The PMSC for the port is organised as follows:

Duty Holder

The port must formally identify and designate the duty holder, whose members are individually and collectively accountable for compliance with the code, and their performance in ensuring safe marine operations in the harbour and its approaches.

Portsmouth City Council is the Duty Holder for Portsmouth International Port. The collective group of Councillors can be found here.

A specific group of councillors have been assigned the function of the Port Advisory Board. These form the link between the Council as a whole, and the directorate of the port. Membership of the Port Advisory Board can be found here.

The Port Advisory Board meet quarterly and the Harbour Master presents the ports activities, incidents and safety items to satisfy the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code. The Designated Person is also present in an overseeing role, and to field any questions from, or to communicate any concerns to the board.

Designated Person

William Heaps (Marico Marine) – A ‘designated person’ must be appointed to provide independent assurance about the operation of the marine safety management system. The designated person must have direct access to the duty holder.

Harbour Master

Ben McInnes – Responsible for port marine safety in Portsmouth Compulsory Harbour Authority Areas as Head of Pilotage Operations and the port’s Pilot Exemption Certificate Scheme. Responsible for port marine safety of vessels and activities in the port’s Statutory Harbour Authority Areas, namely the waters immediately surrounding Portsmouth International Port, the Town Camber and Gunwharf Quays.