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Permit to work process

Where works are undertaken within the port it is essential that the Port Authority, as landlord, is aware of all operations either planned or in progress.

The port demonstrates its commitment to the management of Health & Safety by maintaining a registered Quality Management System for the operation of Portsmouth International Port which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 (2000) and OHSAS 18001 (1999).

With the above statement in mind the port wishes to advise those port users that have reason to employ contractors to carry out works within the port that they will be required to comply with the following criteria: –

1. Works carried out must be sanctioned by the port.
2. Competent persons are engaged to complete works.
3. Works are conducted with full compliance to the relevant health & safety legislation.
4. Works do not have an adverse effect to the operation of the port or any other port users.

In order to facilitate this the port has a system for the issue of permits to work. All contractors working on the port must posses a permit to work. This applies to areas both outside and inside the restricted area.

Administration for controlling the permit to work issue will be the responsibility of the nominated Port Authorising Officer. This will be the Port Officer organising the works package (eg the Engineering Manager or the Building Surveyor), a DPOM, the Deputy Harbour Master or a Pilot.

System Administrators (SO’s):- Are the persons who must be contacted with full details of the work required. Once the SO is confident that all necessary H&S documentation is in place and that the task will be completed in a safe and competent manner a permit application will be endorsed.

Permit Collection Points:- Permits can be collected from either the Security Supervisors’ office in the main terminal building or from the freight gate entrance.

Note:- All contractors will be required to view the INDUCTION presentation before permits will be issued. The names of those inducted will be entered onto a database which will be valid for a one year period.

Annual Quay Pass Holders:- For companies that are at present accessing the port under this agreement, little will change except that when your operatives enter the port they will be required to collect a permit to work. This will log them onto the site and when they leave they will hand the permit back to the port operative at the freight gate who will log them out. The INDUCTION is still relevant to this group who will be required to view the presentation as stated.