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Out now: Elly Howe talks to IOTICS about our sustainability goals

Elly Howe, the port's new environmental and sustainability coordinator.

Over the past 18 months, the port has been working closely with IOTICS, who have built a digital twin ecosystem of the port. This has enabled data from disparate sources to interrelate and interoperate, even across organisational boundaries, and was an important cornerstone of the SHAPE UK project.

Elly Howe from the port recently talked to Ali Nicholl from IOTICS on their podcast, about the challenges and great opportunities involved in reaching the port’s ambitious sustainability goals. These include becoming carbon net neutral by 2030 and emissions free by 2050. Elly’s role involves identifying, developing and championing projects to drive the port towards its sustainability goals, smartly and efficiently.

As a ‘laboratory for green technology’, Portsmouth leverages ground-breaking technology, to understand the reality of present and future challenges, make the smartest decisions to utilise the resources available, to plan for a greener, better future for the port and for the entire city of Portsmouth.

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