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Fireworks display for Salamanca


There will be a short firework display held at the port at 2100 on Sunday 27 March, which will last for around 4 minutes. The display is being held to celebrate the first departure of Brittany Ferries’ new ship, Salamanca.

The fireworks being used are low noise and do not create debris or contain any plastic, so there will be nothing going into the harbour or the surrounding area that shouldn’t be there.

The arrival of Salamanca is a huge landmark for both Brittany Ferries, the port and local residents. Powered by cleaner LNG (liquefied natural gas), this is a fuel which emits virtually no sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide or particulate emissions, following combustion.

In addition, because LNG burns more efficiently than diesel, there is a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) output of around 25 percent. A further LNG powered ship will arrive next year, followed by two more hybrid ships in 2024 & 2025 which will be entirely powered by battery whilst in the port.

You can find out more about the how we’re making the port cleaner and greener here.