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Dredging of The Camber to begin in February 2023

The Camber in Old Portsmouth, ready for dredging

Dredging of The Camber is due to start week commencing 20 February 2023. 

This work takes place every few years to make sure vessels can navigate safely and is part of our commitment to improve one of the city’s most unique assets. 

Extensive engagement has been carried out with affected businesses and berth holders, and a letter to nearby residents has been sent out.

Our dredging contractor will be working across the week, from Monday to Sunday. It is estimated that the work will take about a month, which is dependent on the weather conditions. If it is due to take significantly longer, we will send you a further update. 

Dredging can only be carried out at certain times, due to the tides. Our contractor will be sympathetic to residents and will endeavour to carry out the work within normal hours where possible.  

If they need to extend their hours of work, our contractor will let us know as son as possible. We’ll post this information on our website, along with weekly project updates on our website at  

Noise will come from the excavator carrying out the work, along with the large chains being moved on the barge. There will also be noise from the engines of the machinery being used. Our contractors will minimise this where they can. You may also notice lights on the vessels being used for the dredging. 

Information for fishermen

We understand that the local fishing fleet of the Fisherman’s Pontoon to need to continue unloading their catch at the fish market, so a plan has been put in place to allow unloading on part of Berth 4. Please see this plan below. A local notice to mariners has also been issued.

Fishing vessels are to ask for permission from the King’s Harbour Master over VHF to enter the Camber, one vessel at a time. On entering, the fishing vessel must berth on the segment of Berth 4 as highlighted in the plan. After unloading, the vessel must immediately leave the Camber. There is to be no more than one fishing vessel in the Camber at once.

Vessels which do not adhere to the berthing procedures put in place during the dredging work will be liable for our contractor’s delay penalties, which are currently set at £4,000 per instance.

A map of The Camber in Old Portsmouth, detailing the procedures for fishermen landing their catch during the dredging work at The Camber