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EU exit

Changes to accepted travel documents

From 1 October 2021, most EU, EEA and Swiss citizens can only travel to the UK using a valid passport, unless they have:

  • applied to the EU Settlement Scheme, or have an application pending.
  • or otherwise have protected rights under the Citizens’ Rights Agreements.

The changes mean an ID card will no longer be accepted for travel to the UK, unless the exemptions apply.

Anyone travelling to the UK on an invalid travel document is liable to be refused entry at the border.


There are some changes to travel requirements between the UK-and the EU. Although some things may be different, passengers are still be able to book and travel by ferry to and from the UK with ease.

For the latest information on the changes to ferry travel, speak to your operator or more details can be found here.

If you are travelling with pets, you can find out more about the rules here.

Customs support

If your business needs help with navigating the impact of Brexit on your imports and exports, Portico, based here at the port, has an experienced in-house customs agency. With all the necessary systems in place to make customs declarations, they are here to help with the challenges.

Contact them on, +44 (0)23 9289 0503 or visit the website.