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Berths and facilities

Portsmouth International Port offers cargo shippers the facilities and expertise to ensure all goods are handled smoothly and efficiently. Cargo at the Port is handled by Portico, who operate the conventional quays at Flathouse Quay (190 metres) and Albert Johnson Quay (285 metres).

Conventional quay information

Albert Johnson Quay

Length: 285 metres of which 240 metres is maintained to 7.3 metres below chart datum.

Flathouse Quay

Length: 190 metres. Depth: 8.3 metres below chart datum. This quay takes vessels up to 164 metres long.

More about Portico

As a deep water cargo terminal close to the main shipping channels, Portico is ideally placed to handle your sea freight from ship to shore & beyond.

Located within Portsmouth International Port with direct access to the national motorway network, we’re the first choice for customers looking for an efficient and cost-effective cargo handling and stevedore service.

With two multi-functional conventional quays and cranes capable of carrying out tandem lifts of up to 250 tonnes, if it arrives by sea and needs lifting and shifting, we’ll take care of it at our deep water cargo terminal.

We’ve dealt with many types of project cargo, dry bulk and break bulk loads which means we are confident we can rise to any challenge.

We also specialise in fresh produce, handling pineapples, sweet potatoes, citrus to tomatoes, and most famously, bananas. Our site has temperature controlled warehousing capacity of around 11,000 pallets. We can set our warehouses at temperatures ranging from 1°C to 20°C.

We also have a 16,000 sq ft ambient warehouse on-site for any non-temperature controlled cargo.

If you need customs agency and freight forwarding services, our experienced in-house teams can take care of you. With all these services under one roof, we can strip goods, sort inspections, scan, clear and get your goods out the door in a matter of minutes. 

Find out more at porticoshipping.com