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Portsmouth Takes You There

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Shipping through Portsmouth International Port is streamlined and cost-effective thanks to our superb facilities, expertise in handling cargos ranging from soft fruit to Tube trains, and easy access.

Cargo operators choose Portsmouth for rapid onward journeys and flexible turnaround. Clients include Geest Line and Fyffes, who use the Port for shipping fresh fruit and produce.

Goods handled

Portsmouth International Port has an enviable reputation for specialist handling of large quantities of fruit and vegetables, but also handles a wide range of other cargo.

  • Portsmouth imports 70 per cent of the bananas eaten in Britain, as well as all the Moroccan citrus fruit.
  • 663,904 tonnes of fruit, salads and vegetables were imported on board the ships calling at the commercial wharves in Portsmouth during 2014.
  • Portsmouth is one of the UK’s largest fruit-handling ports, with fruit arriving from the Caribbean, Central and South America, Morocco, South Africa, New Zealand and the eastern Mediterranean.
  • Containers of humanitarian aid are sent via Portsmouth, such as for the relief effort after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.
  • Other cargo imported or exported through Portsmouth International Port includes motor vehicles, ballast, fuel oil, building materials and timber.