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18 Nov 2020

Port director’s response to the government’s 10-point climate plan

In response to the government’s 10-point climate plan, Mike Sellers Portsmouth International Port director said: “We’ve made it clear that a green, sustainable future for the port is where we’re heading and we’re not alone.

“It’s a global issue and partners across the maritime industry are leading the way in new technologies, which is vital because international trade relies on our sector working efficiently.

“In Portsmouth we have an ambition to become one of the UK’s first zero emission ports, but to do this we need government support. We’re doing what we can with a cutting edge air quality action plan, collaboration with exciting prototypes for electric vehicles, we have one of the leading environmental terminals in the country and every new project will have to meet sustainable criteria.

“The government’s 10 point plan is the right direction and we look forward to seeing maritime play a critical part in the green revolution.”