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End of the road for GB stickers

UK car sticker

British motorists driving outside the UK must now remove old-style GB stickers, or cover them up.

Instead, they should display a UK sticker. This is due to a change requested by the UK goverment at an international level. The new rules came into place on Tuesday 28 September.

The shop in our terminal building, run by Ceanos, has the new style UK stickers available to purchase.

According to government guidelines, anyone planning to drive outside the UK now needs to display a UK sticker clearly on the rear of your vehicle if your number plate has any of the following:

• a GB identifier with the Union flag

• a Euro symbol

• a national flag of England, Scotland or Wales

• numbers and letters only – no flag or identifier

If your number plate that includes the UK identifier with the Union flag, also known as the Union Jack, you generally do not need a UK sticker. The exceptions are Spain, Cyprus or Malta, where the UK sticker is mandatory regardless of what is on your number plate.

You do not need a UK sticker or number plate to drive in the Republic of Ireland.