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Cherbourg Tall Ships

Enjoy a leisurely ferry trip to Cherbourg and visit the top of Roule Mountain with wonderful views of historic architecture. Look out for Cherbourg ferries sailing in and out. As well as welcoming holidaymakers, Cherbourg Ferry Port has a pedigree of prestigious sailing events including round-the-world yacht races. It has also played host to the Tall Ships Race, with beautiful fully rigged three-masted vessels.

Where can I drive to?

There is fast access out of Cherbourg to the surrounding towns via the E46, so you are free to roam Normandy after driving off your car ferry.

The beaches of the Cotentin peninsula begin just a few minutes away.

Paris is 220 miles from Cherbourg on good motorways.

Caen is only an hour and a half away along the E46, and an ideal departure point for a return ferry to Portsmouth Port.

Did you know?

The Cotentin Peninsula was the first French territory conquered by the Vikings, who promptly made Cherbourg a port.

Napoleon ramped up the perfectly natural harbour into a major transatlantic port and fortified it against the British. An equestrian statue commemorates his boast that he would "recreate the wonders of Egypt" in Cherbourg – he didn’t!

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) is one of the most famous French films and stars Catherine Deneuve as a lovesick 17-year-old who falls pregnant to a car mechanic.

Originally just Cherbourg, the city was renamed in 2000 when it absorbed the neighbouring community of Octeville. It is now officially Cherbourg-Octeville.

Best of Cherbourg

  • La Cité de la Mer is a huge maritime museum and aquarium in a converted cruise liner terminal offering a great day of sea discovery and a visit to a decommissioned nuclear submarine.
  • The Liberation Museum is a fascinating trip back in time to the Battle of Normandy after D-Day on 6 June 1944.  During the Battle of Cherbourg, American troops isolated then captured the fortified port, considered vital to the campaign in Western Europe, in a hard-fought three-week campaign.
  • The Ludiver Observatory and Planetarium is a must for those with an interest in astronomy. It is located in Les Pieux, a short drive away.
  • La Marina is a popular contemporary restaurant with views over a busy quayside and bobbing yachts. It earns good reviews for its local seafood.

Brittany Ferries operate daily sailings to Cherbourg

For more information on Cherbourg visit www.ville-cherbourg.fr

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