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Cruise Schedule 2019

Arriving From Departing To Type Ship Itinerary
04th Jan  08:00 Portsmouth 04th Jan  18:00 Lisbon, Portugal D/E Saga Pearl II Itinerary
12th Jan  08:00 Paris 12th Jan  14:00 Falmouth C Viking Sky Itinerary
18th Jan  08:00 Portsmouth 18th Jan  16:00 Ceuta D/E Saga Pearl II Itinerary
02nd Feb  08:00 Portsmouth 02nd Feb  16:00 Funchal, Madeira D/E Saga Pearl II Itinerary
16th Feb  10:15 Portsmouth 16th Feb  16:00 Funchal, Madeira D/E Saga Pearl II Itinerary
11th Apr  08:00 Ferrol 12th Apr  00:00 To sea D/E Saga Pearl II
19th Apr  08:00 Falmouth 19th Apr  18:00 Le Havre C Viking Sea Itinerary
22nd Apr  16:00 Honfleur 22nd Apr  19:00 Guernsey D/E L’Austral Itinerary
03rd May  08:00 Falmouth 03rd May  18:00 Le Havre C Viking Jupiter Itinerary
03rd May  09:15 03rd May  16:15 D/E Serenissima Itinerary
05th May  07:00 05th May  16:00 Falmouth D/E Ocean Adventurer
06th May  07:00 Guernsey 06th May  19:00 Guernsey D/E L’Austral Itinerary
08th May  05:50 Vigo 08th May  18:00 London D/E Viking Sun Itinerary
09th May  07:00 09th May  19:00 D/E NG Explorer Itinerary
19th May  08:00 Honfleur 19th May  20:00 Newcastle D/E Marco Polo Itinerary
29th May  10:00 29th May  20:00 D/E Astoria
01st Jun  09:00 Isle of Scilly 02nd Jun  15:00 Antwerp D/E Marco Polo Itinerary
03rd Jun  08:00 Bremerhaven 03rd Jun  19:30 Portland C Artania Itinerary
05th Jun  08:00 05th Jun  18:00 C Boudicca
06th Jun  05:00 06th Jun  19:00 D/E Le Boreal
08th Jun  08:00 Rouen 09th Jun  16:00 Dublin D/E Marco Polo Itinerary
08th Jun  09:00 08th Jun  20:00 C Boudicca
11th Jun  08:00 Guernsey 11th Jun  14:30 London, Tilbury C Silver Spirit Itinerary
12th Jun  08:00 Portsmouth 13th Jun  18:00 Honfleur D/E Sea Cloud II Itinerary
17th Jun  06:30 Honfleur 17th Jun  16:00 Faroe Islands D/E Marco Polo Itinerary
29th Jun  06:00 Cork 29th Jun  14:00 London D/E Marco Polo Itinerary
07th Jul  08:00 Scilly Isles 07th Jul  20:00 Bremerhaven D/E Deutschland itinerary
27th Jul  05:00 27th Jul  18:30 C Berlin
27th Aug  07:30 27th Aug  21:00 C Astor
28th Aug  06:00 28th Aug  12:00 Rouen E Astoria Itinerary
28th Aug  08:00 Falmouth 28th Aug  23:00 Newcastle C Artania Itinerary
30th Aug  07:30 Rouen 30th Aug  17:00 Hull D/E Astoria Itinerary
10th Sep  08:00 Guernsey 10th Sep  18:00 Hull D/E Astoria
19th Sep  08:00 19th Sep  23:00 C Artania
22nd Sep  09:00 Falmouth 22nd Sep  20:00 Hamburg C Amadea Itinerary
25th Sep  07:00 25th Sep  17:00 Ostend D/E Star Breeze Itinerary
28th Sep  07:00 Portsmouth 28th Sep  18:00 Falmouth C Viking Sky Itinerary
12th Oct  07:00 Le Havre 12th Oct  18:00 Falmouth C Viking Jupiter
03rd Nov  08:00 Falmouth 03rd Nov  19:00 Hamburg C Amadea Itinerary
14th Dec  08:00 14th Dec  22:00 C Artania

Times/dates are subject to change

  • D/E - Disembark/Embark
  • C - Tourist call
  • E - Embark