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Border Control Post

From 1 January 2021, the UK became a third party country for trading with the EU and will be subject to new regulations when exporting and importing animals (live animals) and products of plant or animal origin. Ports must have new infrastructure in place by 1 January 2022 to meet the government’s Border Operating Model (BOM).

This requires Border Control Post (BCP) facilities to carry out government prescribed checks on specific imports and exports. BCP facilities are approved for carrying out statutory checks on one or more of plants and plant products, products of animal origin, food and feed not of an animal origin and live animals. The checks need to be at the gateway for the entrance of goods into a trade area and are to protect animal welfare, public health and environmental health:

  • ensure that only products that are safe to eat enter the food chain
  • safeguard animal, plant and public health
  • check compliance with UK laws and international trading standards

To ensure compliance with the BOM, Portsmouth International Port require additional infrastructure and facilities to enable customs and sanitary/phytosanitary checks to be carried out. To fulfil the above, the Port is constructing a new BCP for:

  • Plants and plant products
  • Products of animal origin, composite products, germinal products, animal by-products, hay and straw.
  • High risk feed and food of non-animal origin
  • Wood and wood products

Temperature controlled storage and inspection areas are included in the design to allow for the inspection of frozen, chilled and non-temperature controlled products.

This project is programme driven, as ports must have new infrastructure in place by 1 January 2022, in order to be ready for the government’s Border Operating Model.

It is supported by the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership with funding from the Government’s Getting Building Fund – an investment in infrastructure projects which create jobs and support economic recovery across the country.